An exclusive gift for reasonable money

Zwoltex products are of the highest quality and they are the most recognisable brand in Poland associated with towels. By choosing our towels you get a prestigious gift for customers which will certainly be appreciated and will accompany them for years.


Dedicated consultant support

The experienced team of our Service Centre saves your time and guarantees that you will receive a product that meets your expectations. We will advise and suggest what option will make the best impression on your customers and contractors.


Short deadlines

We know that gifts and promotional gadgets are often needed overnight. We strive to ensure the fastest order processing also in the situations you would not expect.


Accessible minimum order quantity

Promotional towels are unique products because they accompany people, you give them to, for years. We want the maximum availability of this product for our customers; hence we offer production in small batches, beginning with 200 units.

How to order Zwoltex promotional towels?

Step 1 Defining needs

Call or send us your company's logo with a description of expectations to the following address:

+48 570 115 915  
[email protected]

Step 2 Offer preparation

You will receive a detailed offer and cost estimate.

Step 3 Individual design

After initial acceptance of the offer, we develop a towel design.

Step 4 Production

We manufacture towels according to your order.

Step 5 Order shipment

We will pack the gift as you wish and deliver it to the specified address within the country or abroad.

Types of promotional towels

Discover the range of our capabilities and techniques used in the production of towels for your customers. They will allow you to adapt the design to the style and message of the brand.

Multi-colour woven promotional towels

This is a solution that gives the greatest possibilities, because the pattern is an integral part of the towel – it consists of loops of dyed yarn and is somewhat integrated into its structure. So, the colourful logo can be placed on the entire surface of the towel or just a selected section. In addition to the logotype, we can incorporate texts or graphic elements. This is the best technique for companies that value the highest quality, durability and prestige of a product.

Relief woven promotional towels

The essence of this technique is that we also have the entire surface of the towel at our disposal, but in one colour. The logo is monochromatic – it is reproduced by varying the height of the loop. Looking at the towel made with this technique, we have the impression that the company logo is somewhat impressed or embossed in soft terry fabric. It's the perfect technique for people looking for branding, but in a fairly delicate, elegant and subtle edition.

Embroidered promotional towels

Embroidered logo is the easiest way to put a logo on a towel. Usually it is embroidered along the short side, in any chosen corner or in the middle of the towel. The patterns – thanks to the use of polyester threads – are expressive, have intense colours (even with small size embroidery), and using various weaves we can get custom visual effects.


Zwoltex Partnerships

Feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are always interested in forming solid and long-lasting business relations. Our team is made entirely of professionals you can always rely on.